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Vi beklager!

You will learn to:

Make fresh sausages intended for the grill and the pan, including fresh chorizos and traditional “Ringridder”-sausages from South Jutland, a variety similar to Wiener sausages.

Make sausages for curing and/or smoking such as Italian or Spanish salamis and Danish beer sausages.

Handle a number of basic sausage-types, such as emulsified, cured, fresh, hot- and cold smoked sausages.

Use a wide range of aromatic ingredients in designing your very own sausage with exactly the flavour and shape you desire.

Become familiar with techniques for filling and tying sausages, as well as storing, maturing and cooking them. You will also get Erik’s best equipment tips. 

Also included:

  • To take home: sausages for curing and/or smoking and fresh sausages not cooked for the dinner
  • All drinks are included throughout the course and meal. We serve beer, wine, apple juice, water, tea and coffee
  • Assistance from the hostess and dishwashing staff so you can concentrate on the sausage making
  • A folder with all the recipes and essential knowledge for home sausage making

Bestil plads på Artisan sausage making (course in english)

Meyers Madhus
Nørrebrogade 52 C
2200 København N
Hvor længe
5 timer
Hvor mange
18 deltagere

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To book this course as a corporate event, please call (+45) 35 36 38 37

Payment terms for Meyers Madhus (in Danish only)

Meyers Madhus
Nørrebrogade 52 C
2200 København N