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Vi beklager!

You will learn to:

In this cookery course you will work alongside our chef and instructor, learning cooking techniques and preparing dishes that are iconic to New Nordic Cuisine.

The focus is on seasonal Danish produce and traditional modes of food preparation in their modern interpretation.

We will plate beautiful dishes and along the way we will touch on the foraging possibilities of the season; the gathering of ‘wild food’ being one of the essential, and most exciting, themes of this culinary movement.

We will of course enjoy all the dishes we prepare, with wine and other drinks included.

The course features:

  • Practical instruction in a range of techniques – all characteristic of New Nordic Cuisine
  • Preparation of a selection of dishes
  • A delicious meal with several courses – wine and other drinks included
  • Assistance from our hostess and dishwashing staff so you can focus on the cooking

Bestil plads på New Nordic Cuisine (in English)

Meyers Madhus
Nørrebrogade 52 C
2200 København N
Hvor længe
5 timer
Hvor mange
18 deltagere

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To book this course as a corporate event, please call (+45) 35 36 38 37

Payment terms for Meyers Madhus (in Danish only)

Meyers Madhus
Nørrebrogade 52 C
2200 København N