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Vi beklager!

This organic apple plantation is found on Lilleø, one of the smallest islands in Denmark; only 3 km long and 600 meters at its widest point. Here there has been cultivated pears, apples and prunes for commerce for more than 70 years.

Lilleø Fælles Frugtplantage is based on the dream of a collaboration between fruit growers and fruit lovers in Denmark, for the benefit of both parties, working together to grow fruit organically.

The climate on Lilleø provides as much light as in Burgundy during the trees' growth period. At the same time, the apples grow in a cool climate, close to their northern cultivation boundary, and where there are large differences in day and night temperatures. The Danish apples therefore develop a greater aromatic intensity and acidity than apples grown further south. On the smaller islands, such as Lilleø, the trees are exposed to a mild state of stress because of the salinity of the air and the specific mineral composition of the soil, which promotes the formation of aroma, colour and other complex compounds in the fruits.

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Read more about Lilleø Fælles Frugtplantage here (in Danish only).