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Vi beklager!

In Meyers Bageri (Meyers Bakery) they bake and grind flour all day long. The produce is always organic and the grains are grown in the Nordic Region, primarily from partner Per Grupe's fields at Mørdrupgaard.

In all of our bakeries you will find a group of dedicated bakers who work with a great passion for the art of baking, and they all take a pride in making the bread at the same location you will find it on the shelves.

At 7.00 every day the bakers are ready to tempt you with freshly baked Ølandshvedebrød, dark rye bread, sinful thebirkes, our popular cinnamon swirl, butter croissants and treats with chocolate. In the bakery you can also buy all the supplies you need for your own home baking such as freshly ground flour and sour dough. Remember that the baker always gives you sour dough for free if you bring your own container.

The very first Meyers Bakery opened in the end of 2010 at Jægersborggade located in the northern part of Copenhagen called Nørrebro and since then, more bakeries have opened all over Copenhagen; Nørrebro, Østerbro, City, and Amager.

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