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Vi beklager!

Meyers Contract Catering is a creative and professional food contractor that serves lunch for some of the best known companies in Denmark on a daily basis. We operate conference centres and provide consulting on canteen operations. We seek the good tastes and create innovative healthy food for modern people.

More than just a canteen
Meyers Contract Catering was founded by Claus Meyer in 1999 and today we operate more than 90 canteens at some of the greatest companies in Denmark, and on a daily basis we have approximately 30.000 guests.

Tastiness, love of food, quality, ecology and a health focus is the foundation for the gastronomy of Meyers Contract Catering. We call our canteen concept 'Spis igennem' and we build our menu on around this concept. Spis igennem is a philosophy for cooking that unites health and tastiness. Health is our main focus without compromising good taste.

We always cook from scratch, which requires using just the right ingredients. We prioritise products from Denmark or the Nordic region and we primarily use Danish meat with a high focus on animal welfare. All of our vegetables are fresh and are chosen with a high focus on ecology and flour, grains and cereals are always organic.

To make a wholesome dish we focus on taste and flavour instead of fat, and we have a high focus on green and wholegrain products. We have developed bread recipes filled with fibre and grains and in general, freshly baked bread is an important part of our lunch buffet. Every day we serve one of our signature breads in the buffet, very often together with a freshly prepared spread made of e.g. split peas or baked celery. Several times a week we offer one of our little freshly squeezed and refreshing hot vegetable shots – filled with vitamins.

In other words, we produce food which is an experience for all your senses and therefore our canteen is much more than just a canteen.

Contact us


You are welcome to contact Sales and Marketing director Adam Usman, if you wish to hear more about what Meyers Contract Catering can do for your company.