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Vi beklager!

Meyers Køkken (Meyers Kitchen) has more than 25 years of experience in both delivering delicious food for every occasion and setting the scene for your next great private event or the grand celebration at your firm. Meyers Køkken offers seasonal party menus for your birthday, Christmas lunch or other large events. Food made by our chefs is the difference between stressing around in the kitchen yourself and welcoming your guests fresh and relaxed. Honest produce cooked simply and with care, ready to put on the table with just a minimal effort in the kitchen.

Meyers Køkken also happily arrange the full package. Meyers Event develop small and larger event-solutions, whether you are 10, 300 or 5000 guests. We put an honour in creating tailor-made events that reflect your wishes and needs and happily plan and run both intimate gatherings and the larger parties with challenging logistics and first class entertainment for thousands of people.

If you wish to host your party in one of the city's most beautiful surroundings, we are event partners for Den Blå Planet, Botanisk Have, Elefanten i Dansehallerne, StreetMekka, Thorvaldsens Museum, Kronborg, Ledreborg Slot, Frederiks Bastion and many other places.

15 years with food courses, gastronomic team building, consulting and culinary experiences for children and grown-ups.

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Read more about Meyers Køkken here (in Danish only).