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Vi beklager!

Located at the coast of Nordhavn in the outskirts of Østerbro in Copenhagen with a wonderful view of Øresund, anglers and boats, you can find Nordhavn Vinegar Brewery.

Until a few years ago it was almost impossible to come by other vinegars than the mass-produced, made of rectified alcohol or cheap fruit with sugar and water added. In recent years there has been an increasing import of vinegars and balsamic vinegars. In 2002 Claus Meyer acquired the orchard Vigmosegaard on Lilleø with the stated intention of creating a tradition in Denmark for the production and use of high-quality vinegar made from fruit. This has resulted in a series of excellent vinegars, a part of them aged in casks, and preferably made of a fruit from Lilleø, fermented in Sweden.

Vinegar production requires lots of fresh air, and part of aging process fostered in the Nordhavn facilities due to the large temperature changes between summer and winter. Nordhavn Vinegar Brewery produces special vinegars from Nordic crops.

Fruit and berries that have grown in the cool northern climate close to their northern cultivation limit, are among the world's finest, and form the backbone of the series of products from Nordhavn Vinegar Brewery. Vinegar is made from varieties of apple, pear, plum, black currant and cherry, selected in close collaboration with Danish fruit growers.