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Vi beklager!

Menu - EAT-FORUM IN STOCKHOLM 12th of June 2019



Beet jerky (vegan)

Beef jerky is marinated, smoked and air-dried beef – but beet jerky is all green, or red, actually, as it is beets put through the same process to create this chewy, savory and smoky delight.

Before drying, the beet slices are marinated with plum vinegar from ‘Nordhavn Vinegars’, Meyers own artisan vinegar production 

Fried sourdough (vegan bread – dairy dip) 

A part of the Meyers baking tradition has always been high hydration doughs. When combined with wholegrain, this hydration ensures a high fermentation activity and produces tasty, juicy, healthy and long lasting loafs.

We are in love with the Swedish Grain ’Ølands-hvede’ for its sweetness and baking volume and in this serving, we draw from international flat bread traditions to create a crispy and juicy morcel.

The other half of this serving is also multi-cultural, as it combines ’Rygeost’ the original Danish smoked fresh cheese, with ’Kimchi’, a spicy, fermented Korean cabbage preserve.

‘Flower pot’ (vegan)

This combination of split pea hummus, malt ‘soil’ and seasonal veg plays on ‘eating a flower pot’ – and we believe that in this case, you won’t mind at all! 


Barley bread (vegan bread – dairy butter)

Barley gives a wonderful depth and sweetness to a bread – especially when it is expressed through sourdough and wholegrain. Barley is low in gluten and needs a little help from wheat to produce a light loaf. 

Both Per Grube with the Organic farm Mørdrupgård and Jørn Ussing with the Aurion organic and biodynamic mill are long time companions and collaborators with Meyers and they have provided the flours for this tasty, juicy and nourishing bread.

The bread is served with ‘butter milk butter’ – butter whipped with some of the buttermilk for extra acidity and with a sprinkle of toasted, salted sunflower seeds.

Gluten free bread (vegan)

Also in gluten free baking, we chase high hydration doughs. We use more water than flour in this oat-based bread recipe - it simply makes a great gluten free bread.

Attention: This bread is made with gluten free ingredients, but not in a certified, gluten free production facility.  

Cabbage & pumpkin seeds (vegan)

Cabbage speaks volumes about the Nordic culinary heritage – a stable for as long as anyone can remember. And cabbage lends itself very well to culinary endeavors, with its ever present crunchiness and subtle aromas.

We have grilled the cabbage and matched it with a very aromatic seed, that of a pumpkin.

Mixing genres, we have made hybrid-dressing that draws from the techniques of making both nut butter and pesto. 

Peas (vegan)

Peas are June’s green candy!

We have made a soup from both the peas, the pods, fennel scraps from the mackerel dish and plenty of sorrel for acidity. We have then added cucumber pickled with dill infused oil and verbena leaves for a citrus surprise.  

Mackerel ceviche (fish)

The Nordic tradition of curing and marinating raw fish is all about ’Gravad lax’ and ’marinerede sild’. For anyone tasting the Peruvian specialty ’Ceviche’, it is difficult not to be fascinated with this perfect marriage of raw fish, citrus juice and spice.

This serving offers a common ground between the two traditions, presenting macherel in a Nordic ’tiger’s milk’ made with the juice of gooseberries, pears and horseradish. Fennel is the other leading element in the dish, providing crispiness and anise aroma. 

Porridge & chicken (meat)

Often, there is culinary benefit in combining genres. Porridge is deeply rooted in Nordic cultures and most of us also know about the Italian ’risotto’.

Presenting: A savoury porridge from ’Fyra skånska gryn’, mushrooms and smoked seleriac from the Meyers ’Nordhavn’ Smokehouse in Copenhagen. Also, introducing: Confit of legs from Organically farmed chickens.

This serving will also be available with mushrooms instead of chicken (vegan)

Asparagus & Chicken (meat)

Asparagus is ’King of spring’ – the ultimate trophy from the field. These luxurious white and green spears marks the beginning of the green season here in Northern Europe.

We grill the green ones, pickle the white ones, infuse the airy mayo-dressing with scraps and peal – and then we add the skin from the chicken in the porridge serving, roasted and crunchy.

This serving will also be available without chicken skin (vegetarian)

’Koldskål’ & strawberries (dairy)

The old Danish word ’koldskål’ is a strange one, even to Danes, meaning ’cold bowl’ – but all Danes know what it is, and love it: A sweet and slightly tangy buttermilk soup, usually enjoyed with the traditional cookie ’kammerjunkere’. As this is usually a summer treat, very often strawberries are involved.

We have pushed this soup a tad out of the comfort zone, infusing it with the characteristic aroma of the wild herb woodruff, to produce an exciting, almost exotic soup. 

Rhubarb, angelica and oats (vegan)

As with asparagus, Rhubarb is quick to present itself in the spring, making your mouth water with its powerful oxalic acid. We have gently tamed this acidity and to the rhubarb aroma we have added the ’perfume’ of seasonal Angelica stems.

To ensure sweetness with the rhubarbs, we are serving toasted oats as an ice cream and crunchiness comes from rye bread scraps with added malt and sugar.