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Vi beklager!

New York City (June 27, 2016) – After two years of planning and conceptualizing, historic Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal is now a destination for Nordic flavors. Danish culinary entrepreneur Claus Meyer and his team are excited to unveil Great Northern Food Hall, a 5,000 square foot food hall with five distinct food pavilions and a bar. Each concept has Nordic roots and utilizes pristine ingredients from the New York region.

“The idea behind Great Northern Food Hall has been to come up with a program that reflects where we are as well as where we come from, all the while being accessible to all, serving food with the textures and flavors we love,” says Claus Meyer, co-founder of Copenhagen’s noma. “That means pastries baked throughout the day, light-roasted coffee, Danish open-faced sandwiches, vegetable-driven Nordic bites, and lots of options with healthy whole grains, all made in-house by our chefs and bakers.”

Located in the heart of New York City, Great Northern Food Hall offers more than 100 seasonally prepared items for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to be enjoyed both on-the-go or in the space’s full service concepts. Renewing the spirit of Vanderbilt Hall as a gathering place, Great Northern Food Hall will be a destination not only for commuters of Grand Central Terminal, but for all food and drink lovers. The space embodies the Scandinavian concept of hygge, bringing people together through the love and enjoyment of food.

Set beneath 48-foot-high ceilings in Vanderbilt Hall, Great Northern Food Hall has been designed to complement the grandeur of the historic space. Designers Christina Meyer Bengtsson with partner Ulrik Nordentoft have included Nordic design elements, with a focus on wood materials and tilework with patterns inspired by traditional Scandinavian knitting.

In the coming months, Meyer will expand the Great Northern Food Hall experience beyond the walls of Vanderbilt Hall. Foraging tours, cooking classes, baking classes, and coffee cuppings will all be available to the public, further connecting guests to the people and places behind their food.

Meyer and his team, including Head Chef Edwyn Ferrari and General Manager Tracy Wilson, have created a warm and welcoming setting, offering menus that celebrate the best of each season. Additional information on Great Northern Food Hall’s pavilions:


This vegetable-driven pavilion, named after the traditional agricultural calendar, offers dishes reflecting the best of the season’s produce with a rotating menu of chef crafted salads and smoothies like the Rhubabaran with rhubarb, tarragon and skyr. Almanak also offers a menu of Nordic bites (such as carrots with poached lobster and sea buckthorn reduction or grilled leeks with smoked trout roe, brown butter, and whey) as well as cheese and charcuterie selections to enjoy in the pavilion’s table service restaurant.

Brownsville Roasters  

Brownsville Roasters treats coffee like the seasonal product it is, with offerings rotating throughout the year. Coffee is sourced globally and roasted locally, in a program overseen by Omar Maargaard, in an open-source collaboration with Copenhagen Roasters (established by Meyer in Denmark in 2005). Serving light roast coffee, Brownsville Roasters offers a noticeably lighter and brighter cup, unlocking the unique flavors of each coffee’s origin and creating a product with notably fruitier notes and brighter acidity than dark roast. Later this year, Brownsville Roasters will complete construction on their expansive coffee roasting facility in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Grain Bar

Soon-to-open, Grain Bar will offer sweet and savory grain-based dishes served throughout the day, along with a wide selection of all-American craft beers. Morning offerings include granolas made with dried fruits and berries, parfaits made of ymer and skyr (Nordic types of yogurt-like products that the team will make in-house later this year), and both sweet and savory porridges. In the afternoon and evening, dishes include a traditional Danish øllebrød, cooked with rye and beer, along with grainotto-style porridges with barley, spelt and seasonal vegetables. This fall, heirloom Nordic grains will be harvested in New York, Connecticut, and Maine, and will be prominently featured in dishes throughout the Great Northern Food Hall.

Meyers Bageri  

The first official U.S. outpost of Claus Meyer’s acclaimed artisanal bakery, Meyers Bageri, is rooted in old world techniques with a strong focus on locally grown heirloom grains. Assorted pastries including Vanilla Cream Danishes, Rye Croissants and Meyers Bageri’s famed Cinnamon Swirls are all baked fresh throughout the day. A seasonal selection of sandwiches and Nordic-style hearth-baked flatbreads will also be served. Overseen by Head Baker Rhonda Crosson, an expansive selection of breads will be available, including traditional Danish recipes like rugbrød, a 100% whole grain sourdough rye bread. All breads are made with organic flour, sourdough and whole grains stoneground on location.

Open Rye

Featuring rotating selections of smørrebrød, the traditional Danish open face sandwich served on 100% wholegrain rye bread, the Open Rye pavilion will offer sandwiches made fresh to order. Great Northern Food Hall Head Chef Edwyn Ferrari and smørrebrød Chef Kamilla Pawelczyk offer modern takes on the traditional sandwich, with creations like Egg and Chicken Skin with rapeseed mayo, celery and watercress, Smoked Salmon with apple, fennel, skyr and horseradish, and Pork Belly Terrine with beetroot, seaweed and crispy pork skin.

The Bar

Overseen by Meyers USA’s Beverage Director Jonas Andersen, the bar at Great Northern Food Hall offers Nordic-inspired cocktails made with artisanal spirits, including a large selection of Scandinavian aquavits. The wine program features an entirely American list focused on low-intervention producers and an all-American list of craft beers. The bar will expand into the food hall during happy hour, Monday – Thursday 4pm – 8 pm, and Fridays 1pm – 8pm, with $5 craft beer, house-made punch and bar snacks.

Great Northern Food Hall is located in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall at 89 E.42nd Street, accessible through the 42nd Street and Park Avenue entrance. Great Northern Food Hall is open from 6:00am – 10:00pm Monday-Friday, and 8:00am – 9:00pm Saturday and Sunday. All major credit cards accepted. For additional information, please visit

Great Northern Food Hall

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