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Vi beklager!

23. januar 2019

Cooking Courses in English

Below are descriptions of our current cooking courses in English. Availability may change, please check our website. Follow the links below to book.

Some of the course descriptions and the check out process on our website is in Danish. If you have any questions or need assistance with booking, don’t hesitate to contact us at or 35363837 and we’ll help you.

We look forward to welcoming you in our kitchens!


Isidora Diaz has made it her life's work to explore and promote the exciting cuisines of her native Chile – from the street food of small coastal markets to her grandmother's traditional cooking.

Isidora Diaz is a prolific cook and food writer in her home country of Chile. She has recently relocated to Denmark and we've persuaded her to share some of her best dishes and her knowledge of the southern Andean region and it's cuisines.
With Isidora showing the way you will cook a full Chilean meal, influenced by Isidora's own upbringing in a family restaurant in Arauco on the central-southern pacific coast. Along the way you will learn the building blocks of eating like a Chilean.

You will learn:
• We will start with the important basics: a spicy fresh pebre salsa, a marinade for meats and a versatile spice mix called aliño completo

• You will learn how to make churrascas, a delicious flatbread from the countryside that can be cooked either on a skillet or the grill – great for summer!. We will serve churrascas as an appetizer along with the fresh pebre and a mariscal levantamuertos, a very popular and almost mythical seafood salad.

• We will cook a hearty, grandma style dish with potatoes and beef accompanied by a refreshing salad full of the best spring veggies and a proper Chilean dressing.

• You will learn to cook a milk and semolina based pudding that is 100% Chilean comfort food and a sweet childhood memory.

You will get:
• A delicious Chilean meal

• All beverages, beer, wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee, are included

• Spice mix – aliño completo – to take home

• Recipes to take home so you can recreate the dishes in your own kitchen

• Assistance from our waiters and dish washing staff so you can concentrate on the cooking

Isidora Díaz Fernández' (33) is a cook, food writer and cookbook author. With a background in philosophy, Isidora has taught food culture and trends in several cooking schools in Santiago de Chile and her stories about food, travels, wine and beer have been published in specialized Chilean and US media since 2010. In 2011 she was awarded one of the 100 most influential young leaders by the newspaper El Mercurio due to her research and promotion of Chilean culinary traditions.

Book your ticket to Chile with Isidora right here. 



Learn the art of ramen with the head chef of the Copenhagen ramen sensation, Slurp Ramen Joint

Since its opening, Slurp Ramen Joint has attracted long lines – and a lot of praise from, among others, the Michelin chef and ramen-guru, David Chang.

What sets Slurp apart is a dedication to making everything from scratch: the noodles are made in the restaurant and the broths simmer away in giant pots.

For this course, head chef Philipp Inreiter will lead you into the world of ramen. The result will be a hearty ramen meal – and the skills to make your own fabulous ramen at home.

You will learn:
What ramen is all about – Philipp will give an introduction based on his own experiences in Japan

You will learn to make two broths – a chicken-based shio broth and a seaweed and mushroom based vegetarian broth

As the broths are simmering we go to work on the truly key ingredient: ramen noodles

You will learn to make 'ajitsuke tamago' – a marinated, soft boiled egg that is a classic ramen topping, central to the bowls at Slurp

We will make "chasu" – slow-cooked pork belly, marinated in mirin, sake and garlic, as a topping for the shio ramen

You will learn to complete a fantastic bowl of ramen using the toppings we've prepared, along with herbs and greens

You will get:
• A delicious ramen meal

• All beverages – water, juice and beer, are included throughout the course

• Recipes to take home, so you can recreate the ramen in your own kitchen

• Assistance from our waiters and dish washing staff so you can concentrate on the cooking

Philipp Inreiter is originally from Austria. What brought him to Copenhagen was an opportunity to work at Noma and Relæ. What brought him to the world of ramen was his time in Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo Philipp was training in the much more formal "kaiseki" cuisine, but fell in love with ramen. Slurp Ramen Joint has received rave reviews, including six hearts in Politiken.

Book your ticket to Ramen here


In this hands-on course you will learn to bake fantastic bread, using the key principles of our baking philosophy.

You will acquire the methods to bake a range of delicious breads – including our signature Øland wheat bread, a traditional Danish rye bread, and our famous cinnamon rolls.

The course highlights a type of dough that is very moist and produces a flavourful bread with a great texture. During the course, you will learn the techniques related to this type of dough, including mixing, kneading, proofing, shaping and baking. We will also introduce the use of sourdough. In short, all the knowledge and skills required to make great bread at home!

All flours and grains used are organic.

You will learn to:
Mill your own flour in a home grain mill (not required to make the recipes at home)

Adjust the ratio of whole grain flour to plain flour for the desired taste and texture

Properly mix, knead, shape, proof and bake breads with moist dough

Make our signature Øland wheat bread

Make a traditional Danish rye bread with 100% rye

Make wholegrain wheat rolls

Make our famous cinnamon rolls

• Samples of all the baked goods to take home

• Sourdough to take home

• Dough for next morning's bread

• Coffee, tea and cold drinks during the course

• A spread of cold cuts and relishes to enjoy with the fresh bread

Book your ticket to baking-class here



In recent years, a new gastronomic movement has put the Nordic countries firmly on every foodie's map of the world.

 With Noma and Rene Redzepi leading the exploration of Nordic produce and introducing techniques that have defined New Nordic Cuisine, many others have followed with their contribution to a booming Nordic restaurant scene.

You will learn to:
In this cookery course you will work alongside our chef and instructor, learning cooking techniques and preparing dishes that are iconic to New Nordic Cuisine.
The focus is on seasonal Danish produce and traditional modes of food preparation in their modern interpretation.

We will plate beautiful dishes and along the way we will touch on the foraging possibilities of the season; the gathering of 'wild food' being one of the essential, and most exciting, themes of this culinary movement.
We will of course enjoy all the dishes we prepare, with wine and other drinks included.

The course features:
• Practical instruction in a range of techniques – all characteristic of New Nordic Cuisine

• Preparation of a selection of dishes

• A delicious meal with several courses – wine and other drinks included

• Assistance from our hostess and dishwashing staff so you can focus on the cooking

Book your ticket to New Nordic Cuisine here

Some of the course descriptions and the check out process on our website is in Danish. If you have any questions or need assistance with booking, don’t hesitate to contact us at or 35363837 and we’ll help you.

We look forward to welcoming you in our kitchens!

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